For Hong Kong Orders 香港訂單 

Delivery Method 運送方式      Order Amount 訂單金額       Delivery Charge 運費 

SF Express 順豐速遞                 > HKD $500                           Free 免費 

SF Express 順豐速遞                 < HKD $500                           HKD $35 

*如派送地點屬非工商地區或香港偏遠地區覆蓋範圍,須於收件時向順豐支付$30附加費。 *If the delivery location is in a non-industrial and commercial area or a remote area in Hong Kong, a $30 surcharge must be paid to SF Express at the time of collection.

(有關香港偏遠地區覆蓋範圍請參考 For coverage of remote areas in Hong Kong, please refer to:


For Macau Orders 澳門訂單 

Delivery Method 運送方式        Order Amount 訂單金額       Delivery Charge 運費 

SF Express 順豐速遞                   > HKD $500                          Free 免費 

SF Express 順豐速遞                   < HKD $500                          HKD $35 


For International Orders國際訂單 

Contact for more details



1) 免郵費只包括第1次的派遞服務。如第1次送件不成功,順豐將以您購物時預留的聯絡電話聯系您,安排下次送件日期及時間。 

2) 如包裹最終送遞不果而退回我們的倉庫,我們將收取您再次派遞的服務費用。 

3) 當包裹送抵送貨地點並簽收(包括收件人或代收件人簽署)後,我們將視之為【送件完成】。如【送件完成】後有任何貨物丟失情況,該損失將由客戶自行承擔。

Notices for shoppers:

1) The free postage only includes the first delivery service. If the first delivery is unsuccessful, SF Express will contact you with the phone number reserved during shopping to arrange the next delivery date and time.

2) If the package is finally delivered unsuccessfully and returned to our warehouse, we will charge you the service fee for re-delivery.

3) When the package is delivered to the delivery location and signed for (including the recipient or signing on behalf of the recipient), we will treat it as [Delivery Completed]. If there is any loss of goods after the [delivery is complete], the loss will be borne by the customer.