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HERBANICA®has evolved from a philosophy of sourcing pure Australian botanicals to createa range of natural Herbal Remedies.

All HERBANICA® Herbal Remedies are preparedfrom herbs grown in Australia and processed within hours of harvest.

HERBANICA® Herbal Remedies are a rangeof nine different liquid herbal preparations made using Australian grownmedicinal herbs to address specific health conditions. All HERBANICA® Herbal Remediesare made from the original fresh botanical material, processed within hours ofharvest and with known provenance and complete traceability. No drying,

heating or other potentially harmfulmanufacturing processes are used to make the product.

Liquid Herbal Remedies allow doseprecision and flexibility, using the provided syringe. The dose can be titratedwithin the recommended range to allow for differences in individualresponsiveness and tolerance.

HERBANICA® Herbal Remedies are all100% Australian Certified Organic by ACO, Australia’s premier organic certificationbody. Each Herbal Remedy contains just four ingredients:

Herbal material




There are no other ingredients,preservatives or flavouring agents added.

Australian grown with full herbtraceability

Australian made herbal remedies

100% natural and 100% certifiedorganic product (ACO)

Minimal processing. Made from just fouringredients

Precise and flexible dosing

FREE from:

Animal products or testing

Preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colouringsor flavourings

Added sugar, salt, gluten, wheat,yeast, nuts or milk products


Proudly made in Australia

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