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TOOFRUIT Skin care for kids

Kids, in opposition to adults, do not have an efficient hydrolipic film.

Hydrolipic film : formed by sebum, sweat and cells residues, it protects the skin from outside aggressions : temperature changes, dehydration, infections caused by bacterias…

Kids’ skin, between the age of 3-12, does not secrete this protective sebum. Therefore, the skin is particularly vulnerable and needs to be daily protected.

In 2010, Katell Perrot and Stéphane Lafond, biochemist, partnered with the Besançon University Hospital to study and analyse kids’ skin.

The results have shown large differences with the skin of adults and completely different needs. After months of research and development, Katell and Stéphane created TOOFRUIT, the first hygiene and face care brand for kids aged 3 to 12.

A brand for kids. Why?

Because kids’ skin is very different from adults’ skin and much more vulnerable. As it does not produce sebum, it is badly protected against dehydration, temperature changes, pollution, and UV rays. Have a look at «Dermatological Research»

Because kids do not have the same needs as adults. To take daily care of their skin, they need to find it fun!

Finally, because when kids are in primary school, they easily integrate advices in their daily routine. Kids between 7 and 12 are constantly learning. Therefore, it is an ideal moment to teach them how to take care of their skin. It is crucial that they know how to do this before puberty.

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