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The Tonik, a newly launched Australian brand dedicated to nourishing people from the inside out, are setting the perfect juxtaposition within the health and beauty industry by taking age old natural remedies, and putting a modern spin on them.

How convenient, how DAMN convenient, that TONIK have taken the naturally magic elixirs of coconut oil and apple cider vinegar, and turned them into 2 different gel style, easy to swallow capsules, complete with immeasurably on trend bottles to ensure customers will feel ‘totes in style’ when popping their capsules.

Think of a MENTOS ad, where the girl tilts her packet of mentos into her mouth, and replace said mentos with THE TONIK products. Because, health. Because, radiance.

Because, dewy skin!

“Knowing how much these magic elixirs have changed our lives personally, in all kinds of ways both aesthetically and health wise, we wanted to bring them to the wider market in a way that didn’t make people cringe every morning. We also knew it required a total challenge of the way the health industry currently operates. So wallah!”, - says Creative Director, Pip Harwood.

TONIK products are pure but powerful! The range of capsules, which are 100% natural and 100% awesome, harness the benefits of nature to genuinely nourish, strengthen and protect the skin along with internal systems, ensuring customers are healthy, happy and glowing. The benefits of Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar are separately known to heal and aid more symptoms than your mums’ Apple Pie!

Want dewy skin? Get the glow from within!

The perfect travel accessory (but like, don’t forget your bikinis too) to ensure customers are nourished 24 hours a day, from the inside out.

That’s just how THE TONIK care! “Like, FINALLY someone has put the pure filth of Apple Cider Vinegar taste into an easy to swallow gel capsule, so I don’t have to endure total duck face when taking my morning potion,” says Allie Londron, THE  ONIK customer.

TONIK is a health brand without the mess. Everything produced by the brand comes to customers in the perfect capsule popping size, with the perfectly slippery gel texture, in a babin’ pocket size bottle that slips straight into a Dylan Kain handbag (or any others, we don’t discriminate).

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